Who is MariaNicole Photography?

Hi! My name is Maria and I am a Scorpio. Ha! – But really, I am.
About me pages… I get them, you want to know who you are potentially going to let into your life and around your family. But talking about myself is NOT my strong point. I am simple, but I am not. I love deeply and care too much. This is a positive for my business, as I love all my clients and care about the end result as if it was for my own.
My family means the world to me. My fiancé John is beyond supportive, and does not let me think twice before pursuing my dreams. He is also the most loving father to our two children. Joshua, 3 who loves Cars and Ariana, 2 who loves Hello Kitty! Luckily the both love good ol’ Peppa Pig! Yes, they are a HANDFUL of fun! We also have a black lab named Dakota. Add in Bubbles, our fish and you know our entire family! Now the important part right? Why I do what I do! Do I remember any of these moments? No, But I can see myself in those moments when I look back at these photographs. It shows the power behind a photo, a simple photograph is able to bring back the crunch of the snow beneath my feet, or the exact pouty face I made when my sister stole my spotlight.I have been interested in capturing moments since I was a little girl. I carried around a camera and wanted to remember EVERYTHING. From the dog down the street, to the mailbox I walked to everyday with my grandfather. As I got older I realized how precious those photographs really are.Let’s go back 27 years…I am in Ukraine, walking through the city with my life sized doll. Fast forward four years, and I am in South Carolina, mad that my sister got more attention at my dance recital. Two years later, I am in Chicago, being welcomed at O’Hare airport by family I never knew about!Memories can fade but photographs last forever. This created a stronger passion for photography.Photographs and sessions are for “special events.” Now before you brush me off thinking,”I do not have a special event,” you are wrong. LIFE is a special event. Everyday and moment is a special event. Whether it is just a fun shoot with your number one girl, or the kids enjoying a day at the forest preserve picking up new bugs. A shoot with your husband just because and plenty more reasons to have some fun!
I want to celebrate life through my art and this is where you come in. I want to create something for you to celebrate, something to show you the joy and uniqueness of your family. Do not let years or moments slip away from you without beautifully documenting them. I want to not only create the heirloom art for you and yours to cherish but an experience you will not forget! We will work together as a team so that I see your vision and can put my professional spin on it to give you the perfect end result! Let me be the one to grow with your family, and capture your own special moments.